The wedding of Hannah & Sam at Leez Priory – Steve Hobart Photography

The wedding of Hannah and sam at Leez Priory

It was great to be asked by Hannah and Sam to record their wedding day.

When I first met them they were living in Dubai and we could only meet up when they were back in the UK or via emails, but we did manage to get everything sorted in the end.

Hannah and Sam were getting married at Leez Priory (located just outside Chelmsford),  an amazing Tudor House set in 40 acres.

The day started for us with me meeting up with Hannah and the bridal party at the family home.

Everyone was very chilled and there was a great atmosphere.

During the hair and makeup sessions Hannah had time to give out some gifts and and exchange a few hugs.

We have to be a tad careful as we didn’t want any makeup smudges or runs…

Mum and Hannah’s sister laced up the dress before we headed downstairs to let Dad see here for the fist time in her wedding dress.

This is always a special moment and can never be recreated.

We did have a few moist eyes so it was great that we could sort this before getting a few quick photos in the garden and then leaving for Leez Priory.

Nick (the second photographer) met up with Sam and the boys at Leez Priory.

It always seems a bit of an easier start to the day for the boys…

But they are great images to get as its something Hannah would not get to see.

The bridal party, Dad and Hannah arrived in style in a stunning pair of nice cars (well done Dad).

The grounds looked amazing making a stunning backdrop for their arrival.

The weather was pretty perfect, allowing them to get married outside, under the tower.

Its quite a walk for the wedding party, especially with all the guests turning to look at you, but its well worth it as its a very special location.

So no pressure on Hannah!

The time it takes for the bridal party to walk to the ceremony area keeps a little pressure on the groom as he can catch a glimpse of his future wife as she approaches with Dad.

Hannah was very traditional and wore her veil over her face, allowing Dad to lift it when she arrived next to Sam, giving Dad the opportunity for a late little kiss.

It was a fairly warm day, but there was a little breeze which passed through the tunnel under the tower making it nice and cool.

But it did move Hannah’s hair and veil around quite a bit.

After the ceremony the guests made the most of the weather and reception drinks in this great location.


We took Hannah and Sam out the front of the venue for a few private images with the cars and the house as the backdrop.

All the slightly;y more formal group photos were taken on the front lawn before heading out to the rear garden for the confetti photos.

The wedding breakfast and speeches were held upstairs in the Great Hall, another amazing location.

The speeches were really very good with lots of laughter and a number of toasts to the newly married couple.

After the meal we asked the wedding party to come outside with us to get a few photos with them as it had simply been too hot before.

There are so many locations in the grounds you are often spoilt for choice.

We spent a little time with Hannah and Sam enjoying the evening sun in the grounds around the house before heading back for the cake cutting and first dance.

As the weather was so nice, Hannah and Sam decided to have the first dance outside on the lawn, which was a very special moment.

Hannah’s second dance was with a very proud Dad.

A big thank you to Kim for sorting the evening photography.

We set up a small studio on the Dark Oak room at Leez Priory and it worked really well.

At the end of tis blog is a link to the slideshow (a few of the images from the day) as well as a link to the wedding day photos.


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